Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Year in The Life of Katie

So today my friend Sarah posted a new blog and nominated me for the 'Liebster Award'  which basically comprises of writing 11 facts about myself, answering a set of questions and then creating my own questions (to be continued later...). This led me to rediscover my own blog...
It's been almost exactly a year since my last post. A Year. Twelve. Whole. Months. 
When I read what I wrote this time last year I have to say I was slightly embarrassed. For example:

 'I accidentally hit my Physics teacher with my pencil case the other day. However rumour has it that he has been shot; so I'm sure he'll survive'

'So, I picked out a Ben 10 pencil and rather excitedly showed all of my friends'

Okay, so I'm making out like my life has changed dramatically in the last year. It really hasn't. I still love spicy food, I'm still the clumsiest person you could ever meet and I'm still searching for the love that only seems to be found in films. However, on reflection there have been some changes and I'm grateful to be able to say that most of them have been for the better. 

Following this I thought that I'd add my own twist to the 'Liebster Award' and instead of writing 11 random facts, I would write 11 facts about the past twelve months. Also I thought I'd add some pictures to make it more exciting! 

1. I am now the proud owner of 16 GCSE's.
GCSE results day was probably one of the best and most important days of last year. I was so glad to see the back of Maths and Physics after wasting many tear-filled hours learning about things I would never want nor be able to understand.  
2. ¡Hola!
This year I decided to pick up Spanish for AS level and I absolutely love it! If you are Spanish-speaking Taylor Swift fan then check out 'Kevin Karla y La Banda' on Youtube. Amazing! 

3. I failed my driving test...
...but there's always the promise of next time! However I proved my own theory that I'm not a practically minded person. 

4. I lived the French dream for a week.
During the summer I went on holiday to Nice in France which was beautiful. We went to the P√Ętisserie every morning, visited some beautiful places and I attempted to speak some French. Although, I have to say the highlight was my dad being pulled into the street entertainment...

5. I joined the world of work.
I worked in River Island for a few months during the summer which was a good experience but put me off shopping for a long time.

6. I became a brunette...
for about a week. Unfortunately, the ginger gene fought back. 

7. I went to prom
Unfortunately for me this isn't a good memory and is therefore rarely discussed among my friends and family. After arriving to my friends house 2 hours late (due to a hair disaster), I proceeded to fall out of the limo, losing the bottom of my shoe and my dignity in the process. This is the reason I wasn't born into an upper class family. 

8. I had 3 months of holiday. 

The best part of doing my GCSE's was definitely the study leave. I had three months of sleeping, eating, films and fun. I seriously think we should have this after all years with exams. 

9. I went to my first festival 
Okay, so it wasn't Glastonbury or V Festival. It was T4 on the beach and it was in Weston Super Mare and Tulisa was there and it was muddy. But apart from all that I really enjoyed it!

10. I dropped 3 dress sizes!

This is an achievement I'm really proud of  but it's something I really hate talking about with people. I've still got a bit of a way to go to reach my goal but I already feel a lot better in myself.

11. I became a rapper. 
Haha, not really... I just thought I'd leave you with this funny picture to end...

So that's my year! Now for Sarah's questions:

1) What is your most embarrassing memory?
Hmmm.. so many to choose from! It would probably have to be when I fell out of the limo at prom...bad times. 
2) Cats or dogs?
Dogs! (Sorry Speckle!) I'm the only person I know that absolutely loves walking dogs. Also, I've already named my dog of the future 'Bakewell'. Sad I know.
3) Would you rather freeze to death or be burnt alive?
4) What is your favourite book?
'The Diamond of Drury Lane' by Julia Goldsworthy. It's the book that sparked my love of reading. 
5) What is a fact no-one knows about you?
I'm 1/8 Indian. It's a good conversation starter haha. 
6) If your last ever meal was a pizza, what toppings would you order?
That's easy! Bbq base with meatballs and sweetcorn, Mmmmm...
7) Would you rather be an anxious genius or a carefree 'simple-minded' person?
Without a doubt a carefree simple-minded person. I love the simple things in life.
8) Would you rather be deaf or blind?
I hate this question simply because I can never reach a conclusion. I think I'd have to say deaf. 
9) If you had to speak another language for the rest of your life, what language would you choose to learn?
Oooh, that's a difficult one. I think I'd have to say Italian. I love everything about Italy and the language is just so pretty. 
10) Mac or PC?
Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac. Having bought a Mac I am converted and would never go back to a PC. 
11) What is your favourite word?

My favourite word is 'Kibble'. Go on, say it. Kibble. Haha, this is why I chose 'simple-minded' in question 7. 

Seeing as I don't have anyone to nominate, I'm not going to make up my own questions. I hope all you readers (if you exist) are relieved to know that I am still alive!


Friday, 6 April 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So far this blog isn't going very well and I've been thinking about writing a new post for weeks but just haven't found the time. However here I am, thinking of ways to avoid revision...

Happy Easter! Some of you may know that last year I decided to give up Facebook for lent and I succeeded. However, this year I gave up something a lot more difficult....Shopping. 'How can that be difficult?' you may say. If you have seen the film 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' I am a less extreme version of Rebecca (also minus the designer clothes). I grab every opportunity to go shopping and by the end of the month I have usually spent all but three pounds of my allowance.

Lent happened to fall in the month where I went to two birthday parties and our school decided to have a non-school uniform day. I managed to find an outfit that I already owned for all of these (it's amazing what you can find at the back of your wardrobe). So now I have gone over forty days and forty nights without shopping but the question is: Have I learnt anything?
I'm pleased to say yes. I have now realised that I don't constantly need new clothes and there are much better things I could spend my money on. I shared this revelation with my friend who replied with 'I never understood why you thought that way in the first place'. Addiction cured. 

Anyway a quick update of my life since the last blog. I went surfing a couple of weeks ago which was really fun. I am still searching for a job and failing. I made my A-Level choices (scary times). I have been waiting for a parcel for sixty days and it still hasn't arrived (Note to self: Never order from Hong Kong again!). I met up with Sarah yesterday which was lovely. Also I still have another week of sleep before I have to go back to school and then only four weeks left!  

Don't eat too many Easter eggs! 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

One Sunny Day In Wales

Today I decided it was time for me to follow the trend and start a blog. I don't lead a partically exciting life but who knows what the future holds? I hope that ramblings of my ordinary yet occasionally bizarre life can put a smile on your face.

So let's start with the title I chose for my blog. If like me, you live in Wales and you take the title in the literal sense you will have plenty of opportunities to practice. However that wasn't what I was thinking of.  I, like many other girls my age believe that Taylor Swift has the answer to most problems. So whilst I was pondering names for my blog I listened to some music and one of her quotes popped into my head:

"Life isn't how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain"

I know it's now February but I thought this would make a great New Years Resolution. So I've decided to try to be optimistic and find the silver lining in everything I do. It could be when I'm faced with piles of coursework, feeling depressed or even when I'm fighting against Year 7's stampeding down the corridors. I'm learning to make the most of life; learning to grab opportunities and learning to live for the moment. Learning to dance in the rain. 

Anyways; enough of the cheesiness. It's time to share a bit more about me. So here are some random facts:

1. I get excited about little things in life.
For example in a French lesson a couple of weeks ago we had a class competition. My group won and each of us got to pick an item from our teacher's box of prizes (Yes, I know it's hard to believe that we are in year 11). The box is filled with children's trinkets because she has young children. So, I picked out a Ben 10 pencil and rather excitedly showed all of my friends and consequently got laughed at. 

2. I love spicy food.

So much so that I can barely taste it anymore and my friends have stopped asking me if things are spicy(after making the mistake a couple of times). 

3. I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet.

For example I accidentally hit my Physics teacher with my pencil case the other day. However rumour has it that he has been shot; so I'm sure he'll survive.

4.I prefer Winter to Summer.
5. I have lots of ambitions.
So far my top ones are to speak at least five languages almost fluently, to meet Gok Wan, to go to New Zealand and to be a fashionable old lady. There are more but I can't remember them...

6. I love drives and walks in the dark. 

Not by myself though cause that's creepy. 

7. I cry at everything.
I cry at adverts, films, when I laugh to much and when people's voices have gone because the noise goes through me.
8. I broke my arm when Ice Skating and am still a tiny bit afraid of it.
9. I believe that love can be like it is in films and I intend to find it.
10. I may appear to be very quiet and boring but if you got to know me properly I hope you would realise that isn't the case.

On a final note my friend just showed me this and I'm in love with it. Enjoy!